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Ella Saddington    Designer/Curator
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FIirescale Series

Select -Melbourne Design Fair
16-20 Mar,  2022
Curation: Simone Le Amon
Melbourne Design Week
Location: 17 Duke Street, Abbotsford, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

For the Firescale series I collaborated with Victorain based metal sculptor, blacksmith and armourer Sam Bloomfield. The project focus was to identify propositions for utilisation of traditional plate armoury techniques and finishes in application for the production of contemporary furniture, object or lighting design.

Made in mild steel, the works employ techniques widely used in the fabrication of gothic style plate armour. The fluting techniques first developed in Armour as a method to increase the strength of the plate steel. Allowing for much lighter armour that could perform against their heavier and thicker unfluted counterparts. Beyond a mere decorative effect, fluting also had the additional benefit of being able to direct glances away from areas of vulnerability. In this case the fluting techniques have been employed as a method to discover how they could be used in conjunction with articulation or curved surfaces for practical and aesthetic effect.

‘Firescale’ refers to the flaky metal surface on the works, a result of heating mild steel. Any scale that accumulated in the making of historical armour typically would have been cleaned off in favour for a highly reflective, polish finish. I instead chose to keep and further develop the scale to highlight its pattenation, framing it as a unique and desirable finish in its own right.

The one major drawback in working with mild steel to achieve this finish being its requirement for maintenance and susceptibility to rust.  This has been solved by sealing the pieces with micro crystalline wax. Upkeep the form of dusting and polishing of the pieces would still be required over time. 

Firescale Bowl
Year: 2022
Materials: Mild Steel, Wax, Brass
Edition: 1/1
Dimensions: H 37 x W 27 x D 11 (cm)

Firescale Vase
Year: 2022
Materials: Mild Steel, Wax, Brass
Edition: 1/1
Dimensions: H 33 x W 40 x D 36 (cm)

Firescale Sconce
Year: 2022
Materials: Mild Steel, Wax, Brass, Electrical compnents, LED
Edition: 1/1
Dimensions: H 12.5 x W 32 x D 27 (cm)

Curiosity Cabinet (2022)

Self Portrait 
17-27 Mar, 2022
Curation: Friends & Associates
Melbourne Design Week
Location: RMIT Design Hub
Materials: Stainless steel, Leather, Wax

Made in collaboration with Metal Sculptor and Armourer Sam Bloomfield using a variety of modern and traditional methods used in Armour making. The curosity cabinet explores fluting techniques as a method to mould the shape plate metal.
The fluting depth, shape and direction all work in conjunction to  are used in a similar manner to how darts or bias cutting for garment manufacture would effect how the materil fits the body. 
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